Crypto, Virtual Reality & Public Relations with Lisi Linares


In this episode, I chat with Lisi Linares of LinaresPR+ as we discuss Women in Tech, Cryptocurrency, Virtual Reality & Public Relations. We also discuss women in tech. Find Lisi on Twitter @lisi_linares

For more on Hedy Lamarr (Actress & Inventor) visit:



Silica Nexus: The Next Generation of VR Gaming


In this video, I chat with Jared of Silica Nexus as we discuss Virtual Reality, Gaming, Cross Platforming, IEOs, and Cryptocurrency. For more information following the links below: Silica Nexus: Facebook: Twitter: @silicanexus For more on the Droid Token: Convergence on LinkedIn: Silica Nexus Litepaper: Silica Nexus Whitepaper: The Convergence Manifesto on for a great summary of the project.