What Happens When Personal Data Is Weaponized Used with permission from The Blockchain Acceleration Foundation. Follow on Twitter @TheBAFNetwork and visit the official website at Subscribe to the Blockchain Acceleration Foundation Youtube channel: In this talk from Santa Barbara Blockchain Summit in 2019, Rachel Wolfson speaks with Julian Wheatland, former COO and CFO of Cambridge Analytica. Together, they discuss what happens when personal data is weaponized. Julian was also featured… Read More

Jason Goldberg CEO of OST on building community on the blockchain In this episode, I chat with Jason Goldberg. Jason is the CEO of OST, creators of the Pepo app. In this interview, we discuss building community on blockchain technology. We also discuss short-form video apps and how Pepo fits into the marketplace. Pepo is backed by staked $OST Tokens and every transaction is on-chain at blazing fast speeds and low costs,… Read More

Cyber Security in an Age of Social Media & IOT with Kim Crawley In this episode, I chat again with Cyber Security Expert Kim Crawley. We discuss the recent hack of the Amazon Ring cameras. Lawsuits against TikTok for privacy violations. We also discuss end-to-end encryption, burner email addresses. Visit these sites for more Kim Crawley Content: Kim can be found on Twitter @kim_crawley For more content… Read More

Pepo App Review – The blockchain alternative to TikTok & Snapchat Please like, share and subscribe! In this quick review episode, we look at the Pepo App. The new blockchain-based social media app that when someone likes a clip you upload, you earn Pepo coins that can then purchase Unicorn stable coins that can be then used to purchase items from the store. If you would like to try Pepo for… Read More