By Jason Nelson Clearview AI is a facial recognition platform, created by Australian Technologist Hoan Ton. What troubles privacy advocates about Clearview AI is how it searches the internet for images of the person in question.  In 2020, we live online. You would be hard press to find a person under forty in the United States that does not have a Facebook page. In an article from the New York Times, “The… Read More

Let’s Talk Privacy, Surveillance and Edward Snowden with Naomi Brockwell In this episode, Naomi Brockwell returns to discuss privacy, surveillance, Edward Snowden, having her videos used in the classroom, and Crypto conferences that don’t pay in Crypto. Naomi Brockwell has been a strong advocate for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency for nearly as long as Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency have been in existence. Naomi produces a variety on content that focuses on Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and… Read More