Bringing Bitcoin to the South Side of Chicago Thank you for watching! In this episode, I chat with the organizors of the South Side Blockchain meetup Darren Heard, LaTaevia Berry and Ron Daniels. We talk Bitcoin, Ethereum, Meetups in the time of Corona Virus and bringing Bitcoin to the South Side of Chicago. Follow Darren, LaTaevia and Ron on Twitter: Darren Heard: @uheardthat1 LaTaevia Berry: @LaTaeviaBerry Ron Daniels: Mr_Ron_Daniels South Side Blockchain:… Read More

Crypto Blockchain Plug: Bringing Crypto to the Hood In this episode, I chat with Najah Roberts Co-Founder of the Crypto Blockchain Plug in Inglewood, CA. We discuss Najah’s journey into crypto and the story behind the Crypto Blockchain Plug. You can follow Najah on Twitter at @robertsnajah and follow the Crypto Blockchain Plug at @CryptoPlug3 For more information on upcoming events at the Crypto Blockchain Plug, go to and for more… Read More

Let’s Talk Crypto with Najah Roberts of Crypto Blockchain Plug In this episode, live from Santa Barbara Blockchain Summit, I chat with Najah Roberts Co-Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of Crypto Blockchain Plug. Crypto Blockchain Plug is a Crypto hub in Inglewood, CA near LAX Airport. Crypto Blockchain Plug is located at 614 E Manchester Blvd Inglewood, Ca Online at On Twitter: @cryptoplug3 and @blockchain_plug Santa Barbara Blockchain Summit took place… Read More

In this episode, I chat with Quinn @midearthcrypto and as we discuss Cryptocurrency education in colleges and universities and Crypto in South America. We also discuss Libra, the letters sent to Stripe, Visa, and Mastercard by two U.S. Senators and how Facebook’s reputation tainted Libra from the start. Please like, share, comment and subscribe for more. If you would like to read the letters to Stripe, Visa and Mastercard, click the… Read More