Let’s Talk Crypto and Journalism with 2x Emmy Winning Journalist Elsa Ramon


In this episode, I chat with Elsa Ramon. Elsa has worked as a Journalist for the last two decades and has won two Emmy awards for her work at CBSLA. Elsa has recently transitioned to covering the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency space. In this interview, we discuss how Elsa discovered Cryptocurrency, how creating content for YouTube differs from Reporting on network television, Elsa’s interview with John McAfee and what it takes to be a Crypto Journalist. Elsa can be found on Twitter @ElsaRamonOnAir and via her website adventuresincrypto.tv

Let’s Talk Crypto with Bitboy Crypto


In this episode of Let’s Talk Crypto, I chat with Ben Armstrong aka Bitboy Crypto. Ben shares his backstory and how we got into crypto. We also discuss Libra and the recent Facebook hearings in Washington D.C. and the current (as of Oct 24th, 2016) state of the cryptocurrency market. Be sure to subscribe to Bitboy Crypto on YouTube and visit the website: https://bitboycrypto.com/

You can find BitBoy Crypto on Twitter: @bitboy_crypto and @bitboynews “During the gold rush its a good time to be in the pick and shovel business” ― Mark Twain