Before We Can Bank The Unbanked With Bitcoin, We Have To Tell Them About Bitcoin #bitcoin #blockchain #crypto #blacktechtwitter

Originally posted in the Modern Markets Newsletter Twitter: Jason Nelson YouTube Channel: DragonWolfTech Since 2016, there has been a growing interest in Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology among minority groups. Why is this?  People of color have long been underserved and discriminated against by traditional finance. For many, bitcoin is a way to get around the banking gatekeepers. For others, they see bitcoin as a haven for their money, which the banks and Wall Street refused to be. But the road to adoption has been bumpy. In the time surrounding the 2016-2017 crypto bull run, there were many entities online promoting … Continue reading Before We Can Bank The Unbanked With Bitcoin, We Have To Tell Them About Bitcoin #bitcoin #blockchain #crypto #blacktechtwitter

MAY 4TH BE WITH YOU #starwars #maythe4thbewithyou

Jason Nelson @dragonwolftech May 4th also known as Star War Day, has been a day of celebration for fans of the Star Wars universe for many years.  May 4th, 2020 is no different, well it’s a little different.  For May 4th, 2020, fans are having to celebrate online due to social distancing orders.  Star Wars games, many discounted in honor of May 4th, are especially popular on this day. Star Wars Battlefront Updates The Star Wars Battlefront series recently announced several updates sure to entice new and seasoned gamers. Star Wars Battlefront (Classic, 2004) LucasArts & Pandemic Studios The original … Continue reading MAY 4TH BE WITH YOU #starwars #maythe4thbewithyou


If you’ve recently logged into Apex Legends. You may have noticed a figure dancing behind the banners. As if she is toying with and stalking your Legend. This shadowy figure is Loba, the newest addition to the popular first-person shooter. Respawn Entertainment has yet to detail Loba’s abilities. What we do know is that she has ties to Revenant. Respawn recently released a trailer for Loba’s story, which you can view below. Apex Legends is entering its fifth season, dubbed “Fortune’s Favor.” With the new season, Apex will feature a reconnect option. Reconnect lets players jump back into games they … Continue reading YOUR NEXT APEX LEGEND: LOBA

Receive Direct Deposit to Cash App

Cash App, the popular payment app, has added routing and account numbers to user accounts in a recent update.  Users may add this information to receive their direct deposits from the IRS and employers to Cash App.  Locate routing and account number information on the banking tab on the app. During the tax filing process, Taxpayers can add their banking information from their Cash App account.  The IRS added information on how to update banking information for those who have not filed their taxes in 2018/2019.  We can find this information on the website. See the links below. To … Continue reading Receive Direct Deposit to Cash App

How to protect yourself from affinity scams

On July 15, 2019, the SEC, through the website, cautioned investors about scams that rely on having something in common with the victim. This scam is known as Affinity Fraud. How does this scam work? According to Affinity Fraud works by the scammer, pretending to be a member of a particular group. They also target a group they may already be a part for example race or religion. They do this to lure members of that group into their scam. The scammers come into the group, use words that the group knows and uses. They enlist leaders in … Continue reading How to protect yourself from affinity scams

Are you looking for crypto and blockchain writers and content creators?

Are you looking for a reporter, writer and content creator with: Over three years of experience in content creation? Knowledge of the latest tech, tools and social media platforms? Hands-on experience and knowledge of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency?  Excellent written and oral communication skills?  A passion to learn and improve as a content creator? If so, then look no further. Hello, my name is Jason Nelson.  My content focuses on Blockchain Technology, Cryptocurrency, Cyber Security & Privacy but I am available to produce other content.  I have been a content creator since 2016. Writing and producing articles on events, developments and … Continue reading Are you looking for crypto and blockchain writers and content creators?

How to Get Started with Bitcoin in 2020

How to Get Started with Bitcoin in 2020 by Jason Nelson @dragonwolftech I want to talk to you about Bitcoin. Precisely what it is, how to get it, and how to use it.  What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin was created in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto, designed to allow people the ability to send money peer-to-peer without a third party. All you need is a smartphone and someone willing to accept Bitcoin. I first became involved with Bitcoin and the Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency community in 2016. Since that time, I have been a journalist and content creator covering Bitcoin and the Cryptocurrency market.  I … Continue reading How to Get Started with Bitcoin in 2020