Pepo: The Video Sharing App for the Crypto Community


The Pepo App is the new social media platform built on blockchain where the crypto community can upload quick videos and connect with the space.

The Pepo Difference!

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Unlike similar apps, when the community likes your video on Pepo, you earn money. This money comes in the form of Pepo coins. You can then convert these coins into Unicorn stable coins and purchase items from the store.

When you first download the Pepo app, you will need an invitation code.

Use my code: GHPCF1

Pepo is still in its early stages but there is more to come, check out Pepo today!

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PayPal blocks funds to opening the door for Crypto

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The payment service on Wednesday, November 13th 2019, removed access to receive payments to the adult website In a replay of the 2010 incident, when PayPal blocked users from sending funds to WikiLeaks. 

There is the question of “why now?” Pornhub has used PayPal services for the better part of a decade. This may be PayPal’s attempt to get in front of the FTC’s COPPA rule if the conversation turns to payments.

PayPal’s terms of services do include a section on sexually-oriented content: 

Prohibited Activities

2. (i)You may not use the PayPal service for activities that contain certain sexually oriented materials or services.  

As reported by “A PayPal spokesperson told Motherboard: “Following a review, we have discovered that Pornhub has made certain business payments through PayPal without seeking our permission. We have taken action to stop these transactions from occurring.”

“Without seeking our permission” is the exact reason Bitcoin and many cryptocurrencies exist today. When a third party can cut access to funds, it puts livelihoods and lives at risk. 

There continues to be a stigma towards sex workers, and this action by PayPal does nothing to fix that. 

“Decisions like that of PayPal and other major companies do nothing but harm efforts to end discrimination and stigma towards sex workers. While we still have several payment methods for our models available, we will continue to add more sex worker friendly ones and explore cryptocurrency options in the near future.” a spokesperson told Motherboard.

In 2018, Pornhub began accepting Verge (XVG) cryptocurrency payments. At the time, seen as a marketing scheme but now may turn into a lifeline for performers. 

But, that does not mean it’s a lifeline for Pornhub itself. Performers can receive crypto directly from their fans and do not need Pornhub to facilitate the transaction. The silver lining in this, crypto usage among the adult industry potentially will grow and provide more use cases for crypto. 

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Jason Nelson is a Technology Reporter and Journalist and has been in the cryptocurrency space since 2016, his official website is and can be found on Twitter @dragonwolftech

Emerging Countries Provide Use Cases For Cryptocurrency

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The last decade has seen one challenge after another — financial crises, political turmoil, to name a few. There are several use cases for Bitcoin. One use case in helping journalists, activists, and people under sanctions and hyperinflation.

Human Rights activists and journalists have used Bitcoin for funding, to buy resources, or to stay under the radar. They can do this because of the pseudo-anonymous nature of Bitcoin.

Recently, I attended Las Vegas Blockchain Week and San Francisco Blockchain Week. The conversation was primarily this currency over that currency. Or regulation or what innovations were coming.

Since Bitcoin began its meteoric rise in 2016, there has been the hope that crypto would make HODLers and investors rich. But, should that be our focus? Or should we be focusing on how can we get crypto to the people who need it?

If we want to live up to what Satoshi wrote, we need to find more ways to get crypto to people that need it. People in the United States and similar countries may use crypto, but some countries NEED crypto.

There are over five billion people in the world with smartphones, five billion who can potentially use crypto. 

Sure, there are use cases that we in the 1st world know and can understand. Edward Snowden has said that he used Bitcoin to purchase the tools he used to get the word out on government surveillance. Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, has been a long supporter of Bitcoin. In 2010 Wikileaks supporters, blocked from sending funds through PayPal, Visa, and MasterCard, began using Bitcoin.

What about the protestor in Hong Kong, shop owner in Caracas, taxi driver in Nairobi, the migrant coming to the U.S.? Don’t think they have a better use case for cryptocurrency? DASH has become popular in Latin America, particularly Venezuela and Colombia.  Mexico has a growing tech sector and cryptocurrency & blockchain technology is front and center. 

Apps like DASH Text & CoinText removing the need for smartphones to be able to use crypto. With DASH Text and CoinText, users are able to send and receive crypto via SMS Text.

There is a long-standing tradition of demonizing Bitcoin and those who use it as nothing more than criminals. We continue to hear claims only criminals or those who want to avoid paying taxes using Bitcoin. 

It is easy for Americans and other “1st world countries” to disregard the potential of Bitcoin. We have the luxury of a stable financial system. That our credit cards will work, that the store on the corner will accept the local currency without question. 

Credit cards are easy to use but they require a third party to work. In cases like WikiLeaks or Pornhub, what happens when that third party decides not to let transactions go through?

Do we really want to live in a world where our money is controlled by someone else? We have for so long because we did not have an option. We have an option now, it’s called Bitcoin, it’s called cryptocurrency.

As the fear of recession grows in the United States. It is only a matter of time before the public’s attention will turn to Bitcoin.

While we may not need Bitcoin today, tomorrow we might.

Pepo App Review – The blockchain alternative to TikTok & Snapchat


Pepo App Review – The blockchain alternative to TikTok & Snapchat

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In this quick review episode, we look at the Pepo App. The new blockchain-based social media app that when someone likes a clip you upload, you earn Pepo coins that can then purchase Unicorn stable coins that can be then used to purchase items from the store. If you would like to try Pepo for yourself, use my invite code: GHPCF1

For more information on Pepo, go to

Pepo is available on both iOS and Google Play.

Eventchain: Blockchain secured event ticketing


In this episode, I chat with Ashton Addison, Founder, and CEO of EventChain SmartTickets.

EventChain SmartTickets incorporates the latest technologies to help you secure and manage your ticket inventory. EventChain enable your event ticket sales by credit card, via PayPal, and with over 50 cryptocurrencies. As well as selling and tracking tools like promo codes, affiliate links, and detailed reporting.

If you would like to connect with Ashton on social media, he can be found on Twitter @Ashton_Addison_ and @cryptocoinshow

For more on EventChain SmartTickets, please go to

You may notice I’m not wearing my trademark polo shirts in this video, the shirt I am wearing is called Bitcoin Revolution that I found on, if you would like to purchase a bitcoin revolution shirt please use the following link: : The Blockchain-based Yelp Alternative #yelp #blockchain #crypto #reviews


In this episode, I chat with Adrian Triplett, co-founder of LunchMoney is a blockchain-based project that allows users to earn ERC20 tokens by uploading reviews to the site. The difference between LunchMoney and similar review websites is each review must include a receipt to show proof of the visit. For more information on Lunch Money, please go to
LunchMoney on Twitter: @lunchtoken
Adrian Triplett on Twitter: @theofficialnuze

Exploring The best site for Crypto Analysis in 2019


In this episode I chat with Jon Farjo, Founder and Chief Product Officer for Jon gives a guided tour of the Lunar Crush platform and shows us the various features available to investors and traders who can use the platform for a broader view of the cryptocurrency space and can then make better decisions on when to and how to trade. delivers community insights to crypto investors, funds and exchanges. Through research applications and APIs, get real-time insights that help make informed crypto investment decisions.

Let’s Talk Crypto and Journalism with 2x Emmy Winning Journalist Elsa Ramon


In this episode, I chat with Elsa Ramon. Elsa has worked as a Journalist for the last two decades and has won two Emmy awards for her work at CBSLA. Elsa has recently transitioned to covering the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency space. In this interview, we discuss how Elsa discovered Cryptocurrency, how creating content for YouTube differs from Reporting on network television, Elsa’s interview with John McAfee and what it takes to be a Crypto Journalist. Elsa can be found on Twitter @ElsaRamonOnAir and via her website

Bobby Lee Presents the Ballet Hardware Wallet at Litecoin Summit 2019


In this episode, Bobby Lee Presents the Ballet Wallet at Litecoin Summit 2019.

For more on the Ballet REAL Hardware Wallet go to:

From the Ballet Website: “REAL is Ballet’s first product. It is a non-electronic physical cryptocurrency wallet, with multicurrency support, providing 100% offline cold storage. It comes in a variety of finishes, each with a different primary coin, allowing for direct deposits. We made Ballet easily accessible, and this accessibility is based on simplicity for everyone. For children to grandparents, from ages 9 to 99 years old, Ballet cryptocurrency wallet is designed for ALL users, and not just necessarily the technical savvy. Ballet does not require any additional hardware devices, nor have any complicated setup procedures.”